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Why SMART amp™ Matters

Submitted by Sam at SMART on September 24, 2013 – 10:03 am5 Comments

Why does the idea of  “cloud learning” matter to you as an educator? How could it matter to your students as they develop their 21st century skills?

For today’s educators, web-based software holds the promise of fostering that long-desired, 24/7 learning community between students, their peers and teachers.

So how do we make that dream achievable and easy to adopt for the teachers who’ve never supported collaborative learning with technology before?

For today’s learners, the Internet is where more and more of them want to do their homework. Students crave collaboration, not just uploading and downloading files. Without a way to connect and share, learners may find the personal device experience during class a bit isolating compared to what they do with their own tech in the “real world.”

And how can we create shared workspaces for meaningful collaboration with student peers and teachers both inside and outside of class?

For today’s administrators, “cloud computing”’ is a compelling way to make learning more relevant for today’s learners, but devices for use with web-based applications also bring implementation, teacher training and ongoing IT support challenges as admins navigate the complex hardware landscape.

How can web-based software bridge the gap between the 1:1 student device implementations that administrators invest in today and the technology they want to consider two years from now? How can they support BYOD and BYOT?

Meet SMART amp™ collaborative learning software

I’d like to introduce you to SMART amp, a powerful new platform designed to enhance teaching and learning experiences by simplifying how teachers, students, displays and devices come together.

As announced yesterday, SMART amp is “a revolutionary solution designed specifically for education. As the ‘glue’ that connects disparate devices, it allows for a seamless transition between learning environments, supports teachers with access to collaboration-rich resources and offers students greater opportunities to get the most from their academic journey. As web-based software, it is accessible from virtually any Internet-enabled device and eliminates deployment costs associated with operating, upgrading or supporting numerous proprietary operating systems.”

Join us as we explore how SMART’s web-based solution can maximize learning on this blog and on our website. Over the coming months, we’ll reveal more about SMART amp and what it can offer learners.

Share your thoughts about what we’ve shared about SMART amp so far on Twitter and Facebook. We’d also love for you to leave a comment below.


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5 comments on “Why SMART amp™ Matters

  1. Steve Hasselberg on said:

    I am intrigued with SMART Amp and would like to keep up with announcments. I find the ability for students to collaborate exciting. But here is a simple thing I would like to know if SMART Amp can do.

    I have Notebook runnning on my laptop connected to my SMART Board and projector. I have an iPad as I walk around the room. Can I write smoothly into Notebook from my iPad? Right now I can”t, at least not well. I can use a remote desktop program like Splashtop to pick up a marker and write, but it lags and doesn”t come out well. Will it be better with SMART Amp? Can students write on tablets and have it become part of the file? The cloud, as exciting as it is, would seem to slow down this simple task. Will it?

  2. Barry Stewart on said:

    From a systemic point-of-view, do you have any metrics on what kind of network bandwidth SMART amp will require? Also, are there any unique requirements for TCP/IP ports being open or other networking concerns we may have?


  3. Samuel Delgado on said:

    I am intrigued as well and am hoping to learn more about how this technology can be incorporated into the higher education environment. As faculty in a construction management program, I am aware of the continuing drive of the industry toward the use of mobile devices and all things digital, with a multitude of construction industry related apps having already been developed and integrated into the project management process.

    Now our challenge in academia, is to make use of this very same technology in the classroom to create real-world simulations that will provide students exposure to new tools and processes being utilized. We have started a conversation on making a transition to a more technically robust curriculum that may develop into a model program.

  4. John F. Rudman, Ed.D on said:

    Steve, Why not use a Smart Air Writer for your needs? It is a simple Bluetooth link that inclus=des a mouse?

    Regarding the Smart Amp, I look forward to a way to link my Smart Board and Smart Exchange to my Chromebooks. So far, I have been disappointed with the Chromebook. I cannot use StrataLogica with them, nor can my students generate games from Smart Exchange on them. Hopefully, this new amp will, at least, satisfy one need.

    My students started making games for learning about 7 years ago. When they discovered how to use Smart Exchange to generate new and imaginative platforms, the race was on to develop the wackiest, but most effective. Definitely helps with retention, which I contend is the real objective in learning.

  5. Steve Hasselberg on said:

    Smart Air Writer? What”s that? Is that the same as the old SMART Slate?

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