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New Notebook Advantage Features – An Update

Submitted by Sam at SMART on February 11, 2014 – 12:21 pm6 Comments

Right before the winter break, we initiated a conversation about Notebook Advantage on our blog and we’re back with an important update.

As we have already announced, SMART will introduce Notebook Advantage in April, an annual subscription that offers more interactive features and functionality as well as maintenance and support. Subscribing to Notebook Advantage is completely optional – SMART Notebook users can continue using Notebook exactly as they do today, at no additional cost.

Now here’s what’s new: SMART is bringing Notebook users new options for making lessons more engaging and interactive. Those who choose to enhance their software experience with Notebook Advantage will gain access to:

  • Advanced Math Tools functionality for both Windows and Mac classrooms available for SMART Notebook software with new Geogebra integration
  • Rich formative assessment with SMART Response VE for students using mobile devices
  • Ink editing for teaching English and humanities
  • The XC collaborative brainstorming tool for 1:1 and BYOD classrooms
  • 3D Tools and many more exciting new features to come

And these latest additions to the Notebook Advantage plan have already been well-received! Here is what one customer shared with us yesterday.

“Looking at SMART software products independently, I honestly would have not been able to afford them.  Now that SMART Notebook Math Tools (for both platforms), XC Add-on for SMART Notebook and the SMART Response VE subscription are all included with Notebook Advantage, it adds tremendous value and affordability that was not possible before.  I am now extremely excited about being able to have an entire instructional toolkit at my teachers’ disposal.”

- Kyle L. Rickansrud
Instructional Coordinator for Educational Technology
Cecil County Public Schools

As we’ve said before on the blog, the addition of Notebook Advantage requires a personalized conversation. Read our FAQs and contact your local reseller or call SMART at 1-800-452-4796 to discuss your needs. We also welcome you to contact us online.

Do these new options for Notebook Advantage help you understand its value better? Share your thoughts below.

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6 comments on “New Notebook Advantage Features – An Update

  1. If we do not purchase the new version of notebook, will we still be able to use Extreme Collaboration?

  2. Steve Hasselberg on said:

    So, if you do not subscricbe, what level of support can you expect? Software updates? Email and phone support? Access to the exchange?

  3. Sam at SMART on said:

    Hi there,

    Full FAQs are available on our website. http://smarttech.com/Solutions/Education+Solutions/Products+for+education/Software/SMART+Notebook+collaborative+learning+software/Notebook+Advantage?tab=2

    Customers without a valid SMART Notebook Advantage plan may continue to use their existing version of SMART Notebook, but would not be eligible for product upgrades, live technical support or subject-specific add-ons. Access to SMART’s knowledge base for self-serve support would still be available.

    Bug fix releases will be provided to customers for free. However, these releases will be provided at SMART’s discretion and on an ad-hoc basis. We advise customers committed to SMART Notebook in their schools to subscribe to SMART Notebook Advantage.

  4. Cynthia j on said:

    I looked at the link you provided, Sam, and I didn”t see an answer to Dave”s question about whether extreme collaboration will still be accessible. I read it as “if we have it now, we will be able to continue using the current version”. Is this right?

  5. Sam at SMART on said:

    Hi Cynthia,

    XC beta was available for SMART Notebook 11.4 software and you will be able to continue to use it. We will be distributing XC basic with Notebook 14, with the full version available in Notebook Advantage. Alternatively, some optional premium features can be purchased from Freiland separately.

  6. Tony Fisher on said:

    I downloaded 14.2 and I am running mavericks, I open up an older notebook and the notebook crashed. The new ve response works great, but any thoughts on why it was chrashing using epson 585 wi interactive projector

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