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Joey Savoy, SMART and Miramichi: 10 Years On

Submitted by Sam at SMART on March 6, 2014 – 10:21 am44 Comments

It’s always a privilege to have a long-standing relationship with a customer and in the case of Joey Savoy in Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada, that relationship is 10 years strong! Thanks to Joey for his years as a SMART Exemplary Educator and helping make the connection between our organization and the town of Miramichi so special! Check out the story from Joey’s perspective.

It all began in 2004

I first met Joey in 2004 when he was nominated to be a SMART Exemplary Educator. His first exposure to a SMART Board interactive whiteboard was back in 2001 when his district superintendent saw the potential of the interactive whiteboard during research into video conferencing technologies. Joey was given the product to explore its potential for math intervention and he taught himself how to use SMART Notebook software. Before long, he had district visitors dropping in on his classes and he was leading professional development efforts with the product.

Joey’s attendance at one of our first SMART Exemplary Educator Summits in 2004 opened his eyes to the community of educators using SMART products, giving him a chance to meet other tech-savvy teachers – connecting and sharing. “It was a breakthrough moment,” he says, “my current philosophy of teaching became more embedded.”

Mirimichi’s grassroots technology standardization led the way

Joey returned to his community with new ideas and passion for modeling instruction that better engages students and leverages technology effectively. The district standardized on SMART products during 2004/2005 and Joey was asked to spend part of his time outside of school to assist with presentations and parent engagement events. Bake sales, home and school associations as well as other projects raised funding to support school projects.

Word of Miramichi’s technology initiative reached other parts of the province and soon the district was hosting visitors from the provincial government and other districts in New Brunswick. The district was also tapped for professional development in the province as well.

From Miramichi to China

Joey feels the relationship between Miramichi and SMART “opened so many doors for me” and the feeling is mutual here at SMART.

For example, Canadian International Schools in China, who use the New Brunswick curriculum, learned how technology was being used to engage students  in Miramichi. Dr. Francis Pang invited Joey and Rick Hayward in 2007 and 2008 to deliver professional development on using SMART products with their curriculum.

SMART Showcase Community

The prevalence of SMART products within Miramichi’s school district spread to other services in the community as well. Local tourism, hotels, police training and even the grocery store picked up on the student enthusiasm for technology and the connection with SMART eventually became a shared community experience.

This unique community spirit led to SMART’s advocacy manager Deena Zenyk proposing this 25,000-person community’s designation as the world’s first SMART Showcase Community. Members of SMART came to bestow this designation personally and the event was attended by the premier of the province, education superintendents and members of legislature.

Joey speaks at the SMART Showcase Community event

Career readiness connections

Joey shares that the use of SMART Boards in the community became a 21st-century career readiness tool that extended to the workplace. “On the tourism side, Terry Power was interested in having summer students use SMART Boards and Notebook software in the visitor information centers and tourism venues. There are SMART Boards in 13 local information centers and tourism venues. The students create the interactive content used to highlight the community to tourists. They do such a good job that one tourism manager prefers to leave the students with the visitors and mow the lawn herself!” Often it’s the students who are employed to mow the lawn in a community, but instead they are connecting socially and putting their technology skills to use.

Thank you for all you’ve done for SMART, Joey! Thank you for continuing to be a shining example of community spirit, Miramichi!

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44 comments on “Joey Savoy, SMART and Miramichi: 10 Years On

  1. Boris Berlijn on said:

    And the best part for me is that I met this guy twice! Great guy, whom one could a lot from. Thanks for sharing this post. Congratulations Joey!

  2. Joey Savoy on said:

    Hey the feeling is mutual Boris! I couldn”t have asked for a better SEE Summit roommate. I admire all of the great things that you do with your students in the Netherlands. Although the next time we meet you”ll have to bring your skates and we”ll have a race…lol

  3. I”ve had the privilege of working with Joey and Rick. Their recognition and praise is well deserved. I”m proud to call them friends! Well done!

  4. harald wilfer on said:

    hey joey! great post! congratulation from germany! i met you in hamburg 2012 and learned a lot from your experiences! go on!

  5. Joey Savoy on said:

    Zal, it has always been a pleasure to work with you and the others involved with our great Tech Mentor/IT group in NB. Great collaborations and awesome friends!

  6. Joey Savoy on said:

    Harald, it was great to meet you and all of the other European SEE”s in Hamburg at the SMART EMEA event! One of my favorite things about being involved with SMART is that they understand how powerful it can be to bring a group of passionate educators together. Definitely the best professional development that one could ask for.

  7. Michelle Kedzierski on said:

    Excellent post! It was great to meet Joey in 2011, a truly inspirational leader in education!

  8. Joe Oliphant on said:

    Kudos to you Joey. You are doing such great things for your school and community. I am proud to be a fellow SEE with you!

  9. Joey Savoy on said:

    Thanks for your kind words Michelle! It was definitely nice to meet you in Calgary at the 2011 Summit. We certainly had a great crew that year! Hope that all is well with you.

  10. Eli Sabet on said:

    Congratulations, Joey!
    I”m willing (& will be trying) to follow your footsteps!

  11. Dagmar Nebuželská on said:

    Congratulations from a small Czech Republic!

  12. Giovanna on said:

    If you want Italy is waiting for you!

  13. Gert Lemmens on said:

    Congratulations with this nice article, Joey! More than 10 years of SEE, wohhhh. :-) We”ve met in Hamburg in 2012.
    It”s a strange image seeing you in a costume :-)
    Keep up the good work!

  14. Roland Beaulieu on said:

    Excellent story, and an excellent guy. Always great to hear about what you are doing Joey – congrats on all your hard work!

  15. Keith Comeau on said:

    I have had the good pleasure of calling Joey a friend and colleague in my own district for over 15 years. The accolades mentioned in this article only scratch the surface. His knowledge of SMART products has allowed many educators to step out of their comfort zone and take their teaching to a whole new level … thanks to Joey.

  16. Magdalena Zeinhofer on said:

    Congratulations! I look up to what you”re doing and have done by now!

  17. Sue Blakely on said:

    Wow! 10 years!! You are amazing! Maybe I will be lucky enough to meet you someday :)

  18. Helen Ahlstrom on said:

    And for those who don”t know, he”s also well known in Sweden!

  19. Alan on said:

    I am not sure we have ever met. I am impressed and pleased with how well the whole SMART world has gone for you. I hope we can meet some day.

  20. Robert Petitto on said:

    Congrats Joey! All the best!

  21. Domien on said:

    Great job, Joey! Hope to meet you again this summer in Calgary! By the way: nice costume!! Are you wearing a SMART tie? ;-) ))

  22. Manuel Vadillo on said:

    Congratulations! It”s always a pleasure to hear of someone who is sharing his/her experience with others. Great example for all other SEEs.

  23. Cindy Adamson on said:

    Congrats Joey!

  24. Melanie Corn on said:

    It”s so nice to read about your accomplishments as a SMART Exemplary Educator. SMART products have made an amazing change in our school district here as well and I love reading about what others have done as well. Hats off to you!! Hope you have ten more years of fun as a SEE.

  25. Renee Fruge on said:

    What a great role model for every SEE!! Congrats Joey, you are definitely a STAR!!!

  26. Connie Anderst on said:

    Congratulations Joey from Cheyenne, Wyoming. Enjoyed the article.

  27. Sandra Chow on said:

    Congrats Joey! Keep forging forward!

  28. Sandra Chow on said:

    Congrats Joey! I still remember the first SMART training session I went to at Appleby college in 2006. You were great! Keep forging forward!

  29. Sarah on said:

    Congratulations! I”m just getting started as a SEE!

  30. Marie Horn on said:

    Congrats Joey!

    Go Canada! Both in SMART events and sports ;)
    Got fantastic inspiration from you in Hamburg.

  31. José Luis Rey Diez on said:

    Thanks Joey

  32. Loretta Aguilar on said:

    Congratulations! These are wonderful accomplishments! You”ve certainly inspired me to do more.

  33. Lilo Stephens on said:

    Congratulations, Joey! One trait that seems consistent among SEEs is their passion for student learning and how SMART products effectively support student learning.

  34. Mary Barela on said:

    Way to go, Joey! Can”t wait to learn from you again when you are in Colorado soon!

  35. Carlotta Rody on said:

    Congrats, Joey! You inspire us all!

  36. Rick Hayward on said:

    Joey continues to have a very positive impact upon our students, teachers and community! What a great guy! I am so fortunate that I had the opportunity to work with him during the final six years of my teaching career. Together, with the support of the team at SMART, we created memories that I will never forget! All the best to you, Joey, as you continue your educational journey!

  37. John Howe on said:

    Looking forward to meeting and learning from you at the STEM Educator Symposium in Ft. Collins in April!

  38. Joey Savoy on said:

    Thank you so much everyone! I am truly humbled by all of the wonderful comments that you have left on this page. It is so nice to hear all of the nice things that each of you have said. From all of the wonderful folks that I met at the EMEA Summit in Hamburg (Boris, Helen Gert, Harald, Domien, and Marie), along with Michelle and Renee who I have met at North American SEE Summit in Calgary, some of my colleagues from here in NB, and even to those of you I have not yet had the pleasure to meet, but hope to in the near future….THANK YOU!

    Also great to hear from you Sandra about the Conference at Appleby College in 2006. I absolutely loved that event and hope to connect with you again soon.

    Take care everyone. – Joey

  39. Lise Galuga on said:

    Way to go! Congrats!

  40. Joey Savoy on said:

    Thanks John! I also look forward to meeting you and all of the great folks in Fort Collins next month.

    Also thanks so much Rick for the wonderful comments. I certainly could not have asked for a better colleague and friend to have worked with. We certainly had a great SMART journey for several years!

  41. Jörgen Holmberg on said:

    Congratulations. A good role model also for us here in Finland. Hope to meet you one day.
    Jörgen Holmberg

  42. Stacey Buckalew on said:

    Congratulations, you do the SEE”s Proud!

  43. Marwa Hanafy on said:

    Great work Joey ,Congratulations! :)

  44. Hamdy karim on said:

    Congrats! It was a nice chance to be close to a person like Joey, I”m so glade to know him and to continue knowing and communicating with him through Facebook and Tweet! And sooooo happy to meet him again in Calgary!

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