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Opportunities for integrating your SMART Board and an iPad

Submitted by Sam at SMART on June 3, 2011 – 8:11 am9 Comments

For teachers looking to use an iPad with their SMART Board interactive whiteboard, here are a few tips and tricks from peers to offer some ideas.

To enhance students’ engagement with the lesson content, teachers should consider bringing up Google Docs on their SMART Board and having students open it on their iPads. Students can collaborate, edit and discuss the same document in real-time using the large display of the SMART Board to draw attention to specific areas.

Other SMART users have experimented with apps like Splashtop Remote Desktop, which allows remote control of a PC through an iPad. Teachers such as Glenn Cermak of Central Dauphin School District in Harrisburg, PA, have used it to connect classroom iPads to the PC connected to his SMART Board. This enables his students to interact with the content from their iPad and make notes, which appear on the SMART Board. While he’s observed that the process still isn’t totally seamless, experimentation such as such as this may provide the stepping stones for future integration between the two products.

Using cloud-based file sharing services with a SMART Board and the iPad also presents some interesting potential for classroom projects. Consider sending your students home with an assignment to take photos of spring flowers or something else that’s easily accessible around their house. They can each snap photos using their iPad 2 and upload them to the file sharing program Dropbox on the iPad. The next day they can pull the photos up on Dropbox on the SMART Board and easily drop the photos into SMART Notebook software to create an interactive presentation on local plants and discuss with the class and make notes.

It’s clear the possibility of using an iPad to complement a SMART Board is still in its infancy. Many more exciting possibilities may be just a new app away.

Are you using your SMART Board with an iPad? Share your story below or join the ongoing thread on the SMART Exchange.

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9 comments on “Opportunities for integrating your SMART Board and an iPad

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  3. Rushikesh Bandekar on said:

    Read more:

    Exploriments leverage iPad and SMART Board interactive whiteboards to deliver an innovative collaborative learning environment


  4. Ron Spicer on said:

    What are SMART”s plans for rolling out an app for iOS and Android devices so that the iPad can interact directly with SMART Notebook? There are lots of solutions out in the marketplace that allow a teacher to remote control their teacher computer from their iPad, but nothing to allow SMART interactivity from the SMARTBoard to the content on the iPad itself. This is a much needed and overdue!

  5. khadmin on said:

    Hi Ron,

    Thank you for your comment. We have sent your question to our product team, and once we hear back, we”ll let you know!

    The EDCompass blog team

  6. khadmin on said:

    Hi Ron,

    We spoke with our product team, and they agree that mobile devices are important, because they can enable flexibility for teaching and learning when used effectively. Right now, SMART is focused on finding the best ways to help educators use these devices and other technology in their classrooms.

    Thanks for your comment!

  7. Paul Lavery on said:

    I previously had an iPad 1 and had no luck at all getting my iPad to work with a SB. I am now using a iPad 3 and I can get an image using the VGA connector directly to the SB but no audio. I have to admit this is still quite frustrating. An iPad app from Smarttech is long overdue.


  8. Travis Taylor on said:

    Here are a few wireless options you can use to teach with the iPad with the SMART board. Both of these setups use the Airplay feature so that you are not tied to the podium. You can go with the Apple TV route, but unless you have one of the newer SMART projectors with HDMI, you will need to convert from HDMI back down to VGA. You can use the View HD converter which will convert the signal and it includes audio. The best way so far to me is using Airserver which is an app that you install on the Mac notebook that uses the Airplay protocol. The advantage of this is that you get a full screen image of the tablet, but wait there is more. With SMART Notebook and drivers installed on the Mac the ink layer will work on top of the iPad image. You don”t get the full control yet, but you at least get an ink layer to make notations on top of the image.

  9. Jen Elston on said:

    We hope to integrate iPads into our school as a tool to increase student envolvement in the classroom; having them be able to “project” their information onto our SmartBoards is a BIG deal to them and the educators of those classes as well. An app for this is a SMART move! Hopefully, you will see it too, very soon.

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