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SMART Notebook app for iPad coming soon!

Submitted by Sam at SMART on May 4, 2012 – 7:30 am34 Comments

Available this summer, you and your students will soon be able to use SMART Notebook collaborative learning software on your personal or school-owned iPads with our upcoming release of the SMART Notebook app for iPad. This convenient new app enables a seamless transition between whole-class, small-group and personalized learning, allowing you to enjoy the engaging lesson materials of SMART Notebook software anywhere and at anytime.

Using the SMART Notebook app, your students can access many of the software tools typically used on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. They can open any SMART Notebook file on their iPad, from an e-mail or file-sharing website, and they can write, erase, add text, move objects and insert images. Your students can even use the iPad camera roll to drop images onto a Notebook page. They’ll be able to use the iPad to review material and complete activities that can then be saved and e-mailed back to you.

By using the SMART Notebook app for iPad, you can stay on track and save time by being able to work with the same material on both interactive displays and an iPad at school or at home.


Page sorter view View, add or delete SMART Notebook software pages

Zoom and pan Use two fingers to adjust the view of the SMART Notebook software page

Image insert Insert images from the iPad camera roll

Pen Tools Write onto the SMART Notebook software page in a choice of four different colors (red, green, black and blue) or use the highlighter

Object Control Delete, rotate, move and scale objects

AirPlay enabled Supports AirPlay for Apple TV to share iPad screens

Language support Supports U.S. English. Support for Spanish, UK English, French and German will be available in fall 2012.

Learn more  about the SMART Notebook app for iPad on SMART’s website.

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34 comments on “SMART Notebook app for iPad coming soon!

  1. Kristin S on said:

    WOO HOO!!!! I have been waiting for this for a long time!!! THANK YOU!!

  2. Jamie on said:

    Is there a workaround for the Flash activities from the Lesson Activity Toolkit, so that they can be used on the iPad?

  3. Bri on said:

    When is the iPad app release date?? So excited! Will an app be available for teachers

  4. Ange on said:

    Will there be an update out for Mac OSX version 10.7.3? Notebook always crashes using the program.

  5. Ms. Eichar on said:

    Ange –

    I just updated my Mac to Notebook version 11 yesterday. It seems less crash prone. Big improvement.

  6. Andrew David's on said:

    Need any beta testers for this app in the classroom? I”ve been a beta tester for SMART notebook before and I”m a heavy user, generating big files and with lots of embedded content if you want it tested!



  7. Allison Stefancic on said:

    Currently, flash based activities from the Lesson Activity Toolkit are not supported due to the Apple iOS not supporting flash; however SMART is looking at ways to include this type of interactive functionality in future versions of the app.

  8. Will I be able to use my ipad with this app to control the data showing on the smartboard. IE will I be able to use the IPAD the same as I would the Airliner?

  9. Bill on said:

    You”d have to believe that SMART is working on a HTML5 solution for the flash content–especially since they are now in the iPad marketplace. Flash is dead!

  10. Chris on said:

    It”s summer now! Any news on the app?

  11. SLSMART on said:

    Hi Chris, I believe the app will be available end of July/early August.

  12. Mrs. King on said:

    Will you be able to create a notebook lesson on the ipad or just view it?

  13. SLSMART on said:

    The app will enable you to open existing SMART Notebook lessons or to create your own files. You and your students can write in digital ink, erase, add text, insert images and move objects. You can also save and e-mail your files. The SMART Notebook app for iPad will enable your students to work on lessons in small groups or complete activities on their own, in class or at home. They can also take photos and then interact with them on the iPad.

    The app will also continue to be updated regularly, offering more features.

  14. Sheila on said:

    I am looking forward to this release. If students can manipulate the pages will the original content stay intact? I envision that the students will be able to email their content but not save changes to the original. Right?

  15. Mrs. King on said:

    Will you have access to the “Activity” tab to help use pre-existing graphic organizers, tools and such on the ipad version?

  16. Tapani on said:

    Will the app understand .gallery-files? I am planning to build a work/notebook per course (for example: the history of Rome). If it is possible to upload .gallery-files to the app, students can expand their notebook-files without losing their own markings in the existing version.

  17. Janice on said:

    Will the app be able to work with the math tool with smart notebook? Currently I believe the math tool does not work with mac computers.

  18. Allison Stefancic on said:

    Thanks for all of the great questions! Notebook for iPad is a lightweight version of SMART Notebook and will enable content interactions and saving. For example, if you send your student an activity that you would like them to complete on the iPad, they can complete the activity using features such as text, ink, move, rotate, scale, then save it and email it back to you.

    If you are using .galleryitems, simply put them into a Notebook file and share it with your students to use. The activity builder and Math tools are not supported in the first release; however we are investigating how to best support these tools in a future release.

  19. Chris on said:

    Any news on a release date for the app? We”re in that late July/early August timeframe, and teachers are getting content ready for the next school year..

  20. When will the APP be available?

  21. SLSMART on said:

    Hi everyone, the app will be available by the end of the summer!

  22. A. Seybold on said:

    When is this app going to be available? It is August 9th … summer is almost over. We are headed back to school shortly and having this app would be great!

  23. Chris Russell on said:

    As in end of the summer in terms of summer vacation (end of
    August), or actual calendar ending of summer (late September)?

  24. Tapani on said:

    In Finland, the schools are starting and according to the temperature, the summer is nearly gone…

  25. Michael Moylan on said:

    Will the app allow users to save to Dropbox or upload to edmodo? What would be the file sharing options?

  26. Allison Stefancic on said:

    With internet connectivity, you can access all your SMART Notebook files saved in online web storage services like Drop Box, Google Drive or iTunes. You can also download SMART Notebook files directly from exchange.smartech.com or e-mail.

    Sharing files from the app with teachers and students are through e-mail or iTunes. We investigating how to best support more third party sharing options in a future release.

  27. Michael Moylan on said:

    Thanks for the response. Just so i”m clear, the app can open a smart motebook file directly from Dropbox, but can”t save it there. I would have to email it to myself and download the file, or send it to iTunes and connect my iPad to pull the file off?

  28. Amanda K on said:

    I am setting up my iPads for the start of the year, Aug 29th is our first day back, and was really hoping to include this app!!!! When will this be released. I keep searching the app store, but nothing yet!

  29. I am looking forward o the app.
    Please include skydrive as one of the web storage options.

  30. Allison Stefancic on said:

    In the short term, sharing files from the SMART Notebook app for iPad will need to be e-mailed or shared with iTunes.

  31. First day of school was today, iPads get handed out tomorrow. Still no app, release date anywhere in sight?

  32. Do we have any more news on the release date? I start work again on Monday and was looking forward to getting used to the app before I start…

  33. Finally!! Just bought and now testing :) thank you (although someone had to know a release date, and it would have been nice knowing when to expect it)

  34. rhopkin on said:

    Is there going to be an app for android tablets, for those of us who can”t afford iPads?

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